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"Primo: Mangiare e bere! Cosa difficile, amici miei, discutere con il ventre perche' non ha orecchie" (Catone, 234-149 b.c.)

("First of all: eat and drink! A difficult task, my dear friends, to argue with the belly, it has no ears.")

La Gourmandina is a charming mediterranean eatery and enoteca with an eclectic menu, a gourmet delicatessen and artisan boulangerie. With the ambiance of a European country home - as natural and rustically elegant as the food, La Gourmandina is food lovers who are inspired by great food amongst friends in comfortable surroundings. Part Italian, part French, part invention, dedicated to local ingredients and boutique producers

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Mangiare e bere


In our delicatessen you’ll find traditionally cured meats, a selection of fine cheeses from across the Mediterranean and wines chosen to complement the flavours of foods produced in small farms across France and Italy. In our store you’ll discover the freshest of fruits and most flavoursome of vegetable, all available for you to take home to prepare for your family.

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For our selection of teas, we are working exclusively with L’Autre thé, a newly born French company who works closely to the small producers and refuses to have artificial aromas in its teas. What also distinguishes “l’Autre thé” from the other tea houses is that it doesn’t propose teas in muslin bags or in individual samples and incite you to filter them with teapot filters, tea pinches, or tea bowls that you can use again and again.

For the coffee, we decided to go for the Miscela d’Oro (i.e. the “golden blend”), a Sicilian family business founded in 1946. We picked it not only because of the story it tells, but most importantly because it respects the rule of coffee excellence: quality, elegance, simplicity.

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